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Fun Fact

Sibebe Resort is located on top of the world’s largest granite rock, the Sibebe Rock. #Accommodation #Travel #Weddings #Hiking #Culture #Tourism #Adventure

Experience True Tranquility

Sibebe Resort is the first Swazi proudly owned holiday destination. The Resort’s interest centers on ecotourism and cultural heritage and empowering the local communities to conserve nature and ecological resources simultaneously. The tranquil Resort provides the perfect getaway from city life of polluted air and noise and provides you with inner peace and a soul healing experience. Whether you enjoy activities like hiking, quad biking or relaxing in our pool, Sibebe Resort is determined to make your holiday or excursion an unforgettable one. The comforts of the traditional style exterior Chalets with a 5 star interior will have you relaxed until your soul is rejuvenated.

Sibebe Resort | A Royal Experience

What Makes Us Special?

Sibebe Resort consists of 20 Chalets which translates to 45 rooms. All rooms have an African touch and a 5 star feel! The rooms are designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Sibebe Rock is one of southern Africa’s most impressive geological features. This immense three-billion-year-old volcanic slab rises to a height of 1,488m and covers some 16,500ha and is the world’s largest granite dome.

The rock forms part of the Drakensberg Escarpment, the ecosystem hosts a wide variety of habitats and a diversity of endemic and endangered flora and fauna such as the blue swallow. The castle kopjes, tors, boulders and gleaming slopes of exfoliating granite will take your breath away. Trails radiate in all directions, leading to caves, waterfalls and hidden pockets of indigenous forest making this destination top of your bucket list!